Rotlicht Festival Catalogue 2022


Rotlicht Festival Catalogue (2022)

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Rotlicht Festival Catalogue (2022)

ROTLICHT is an international festival for contemporary analog photography. It is run by the team of the association ZIGUTAMVE PHOTOGRAPHY with the aim of repositioning the medium of analog photography in the contemporary field. Contemporary photography with its vast variety of technical possibilities has prompted us to question its origins and has awakened the desire to present the craft of analog photography in a new way.

During the ten days of the festival there have been daily exhibition openings, workshops, photo walks, lectures and many other events around analogue photography. The main exhibition was in the Atelierhaus of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. The 20 winners of the Open Call, which ended in summer with a total of 345 submissions from 46 different countries, will be exhibited there. During the festival, the exhibition “Back To Black”, curated by the Photon Gallery, was also displayed.




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