Laubgeflüster (c)Kerstin Pfleger
Exhibition, Opening

Animal Print

Kerstin Pfleger

Kerstin Pfleger invites us to look at animals in a different way, away from well known photographs. With her camera, the photographer takes a sensitive and poetic look at animals and nature. Her photographs portray the animals at eye level – in all their individuality and vulnerability.
21/11/2022 | 18:00
21/11–3/12 Mon–Sat 18–22:00
> Hamburgerstraße 14, 1050

It is a view in which silver salts and developing fluids also play a significant role. In a different, but always consistently analog approach, Pfleger shows the diversity of photochemical processes – from experimental techniques, to classic black and white, to rare analog color photography.

An exhibition that invites us to reflect on the dialogue between humans and animals.