Back to Black
© Peter Kostrun Premonition
Exhibition, Festival Opening

Back to Black

Festival Selection

International group exhibition, participating artists: Balázs Deim, Alessandra D’Intino, Jošt Dolinšek, Lena Feitl, Elí Joteva, Reiner Riedler, Peter Koštrun, Roberto Kusterle, Borut Peterlin, Eva Petrič, Herman Pivk
17/11/2022 | 18:00 – 22:00
18.–26.11., Mon–Thu 14–17:00, Fri–Sun 12–19:00
Festival Headquarters: Atelierhaus der Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
> Lehárgasse 8, Tor 2, 1060

Back to Black is an international project in which Photon joins the global trend of reviving interest in black-and-white, analog and the so-called hybrid photography, and especially in contemporary, creative use of old photographic techniques. In modern times, these are often associated with the use of contemporary technologies, which expand the creative field of application and bring original solutions even in today’s mostly digital time. In terms of content, this research is focused on representing different approaches of contemporary artists to the medium which was not long ago predicted to become extinct.