Pink March / Camping © Verena Andrea Prenner
Exhibition, Opening & Late Brunch


Verena Andrea Prenner

CAMPING is Verena Andrea Prenner’s sensual-intellectual-pragmatic attempt to artistically comprehend the unstableness of life in refugee camps and to make us all complicit in her socio-political investigation. [Edition Lammerhuber]
Opening: Lois Lammerhuber
20/11/2022 | 16:00
21/11–12/12 Mon–Fri 9–16:00 by appointment
EGA Frauen im Zentrum
> Windmühlgasse 26, 1060

After studying sociology, Verena Andrea Prenner was drawn to the Middle East. First living in Tel Aviv and later in a Palestinian refugee camp, where she realized sociological field research and staged photography projects.

»How do precarious living conditions affect individuals? How is society organised, what structures are found? And how does living on the ground affect me personally, my own behaviour patterns and perspectives? My arrival in the camp as a single woman was met with great astonishment by the residents. I was quickly considered an Israeli or Palestinian spy and an inferior woman. After months on the ground and two more stays, mutual trust gradually built up. At some point I was no longer a stranger, and I decided to implement a photographic work not only outside the camp, but also in the refugee camp. But then came the big question: What to show?«