kontakt_L - Atelier Asta Cink
©Asta Cink
Exhibition, Closing & Artist Talk

Kontakt_L(ein Ort wo ich nicht bin)

Asta Cink

Kontakt_L invites you to participate and to balance at the interface -between the analog and the digital.
26/11/2022 | 17:00 – 20:00
Atelier Asta Cink
> Kliebergasse 8/1/18 DG, 1050

Kontakt_L (Ein Ort wo ich nicht bin) refers to the work, »Gegenüber Mir (behind, between, below, against, in front of me)«, which deals with the I in its presence and absence and the mirror, which as a medium poses the question of one’s own identity.

Between Vanity and Vanitas, the open studio will offer the opportunity to enter into an exchange with Asta Cink and to immerse oneself in the artist’s practice and world of thought.

In times of social media, the display becomes a mirror that reflects back the question of one’s own existence, which, as soon as the send button is pressed, seems to be true.