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Masters of Ljubljana Photography School: 60 Years of Fotogrupa ŠOLT

Group Exhibition

The exhibition includes works of seven photographers who were awarded the title of »Master of Photography« by the Photographic Association of Yugoslavia due to their high artistic and technical perfection and international success
19/11/2023 | 15:00
19/11 – 17/12/2023 Wed  – Fri 8:30  – 20:00, Sat 10  – 10:00, Sun 10  – 17:0
Photon Gallery Vienna
> Zieglergasse 34, 1070

The group exhibition presents works by selected artists from photography group »Fotogrupa ŠOLT« and highlights the importance of the group for the development of the photographic scene in Ljubljana and Slovenia. It focuses the photographic approaches of the 1960s and 1970s in the choice of motifs and techniques. In addition to its characteristics such as analog black-and-white photography, emphasis on coarse-grained images and strong contrasts the group strived for technical perfection and a new artistic expression. 

In the absence or educational institutions for photography, the group brought together enthusiasts who developed through a mutual exchange of knowledge. They participated in exhibitions across the world making it one of the most important photo groups in Slovenia.

Involved artists:
Oskar Karel Dolenc, Janez Korošin, Tihomir Pinter, Marjan Smerke, Tone Stojko, Jendo Štoviček, Sonja Zalar Bizjak, Joco Žnidaršič

The exhibition MASTERS OF LJUBLJANA PHOTOGRAPHY SCHOOL – 60 YEARS OF FOTOGRUPA ŠOLT will be held at two locations in Photon Gallery Vienna and SKZ Korotan Gallery.