MYPH Mykolaiv Young Photography
Mynakedfriends Series © Diana Fedoriaka
Exhibition, Opening


Group Exhibition

Rotlicht-Festival presents MYPH, a project dedicated to the conceptual art-photography school established by Sergey Melnitchenko in Mykolaiv, 2018.

Photographers: Artem Humilevskiy, Olia Koval, Diana Fedoriaka, Veronika, Mol, Kris Voitkiv
16/11/2022 | 18:00
16–27/11 9–12:00 & 13–22:00
SKZ Korotan Galerie
> Albertgasse 48, 1080

The school has developed into a large collective and gallery, uniting students from across Ukraine and abroad. The exhibition is complemented by the presentation of MYPH catalog issued by Rodovid publishing house, including works made by 63 authors from the school.

The school’s primary objective is to develop and enrich the understanding of contemporary photography. Not only by educating, but also by promoting and popularising its students’ works among galleries, media, and collectors. In just four years, MYPH has organised and participated in over 20 projects worldwide. After Russia’s full-scale military invasion in Ukraine, the school has been volunteering and helping gather funding for humanitarian aid. The school created its own NFT collection, that includes 333 photos.