Selina de Beauclair, Markus Guschelbauer, Hannes Gröblacher, Lea Titz

PERISPHERIA is a place where we are without knowing that we are there at all.
18/11/2022 | 19:00
21–25/11 14–18:00
> Johannagasse 29-35, 1050

In PERISPHERIA, we are light and heavy at the same time. There we try to find stability and balance. There we observe the small and the inconspicuous. In Perispheria, the circular form becomes the central element of the photographic and cinematic confrontations. Auxiliary and stylistic means of photography become aesthetic and formal possibilities here and lend the depicted sceneries another level of meaning.

In Perispheria, one searches in vain for answers, perhaps leaving it with even more questions. With artistic methods we move the periphery into the centre and process this place and what knocks at our door on the way into or out of the centre.