Exhibition, Guided Tour

Photographien 1960-2000

Peter Kodera

Peter Kodera (1937 – 2014 Vienna) was a painter, photographer, film-cameraman and (1984–2005) the first teacher of photography at the Academy of Fine Arts.
25/11/2022 | 14:00
27/10–27/11 Tue–Sun 10-17:00
Photon Gallery Vienna
> Zieglergasse 34, 1070

Here he set up a studio that quickly became a renown institution across Vienna. Kodera taught the techniques of silver-photography to generations of art students.

He started photographing during the late 1950s. This exhibition shows cross-sessions of his multi-faceted works. The vintage prints on display are early ostensibly abstract studies of nature, nudes, film-stills from the 1960s (directed by avantgarde filmmaker Ferry Radax), portraits of authors from the Wiener Gruppe (such as H.C. Artmann and Wolfgang Bauer), street photography, and architectural photography from some of the many illustrated volumes Kodera published (such as his book on St. Stephen’s cathedral in Vienna, or the Hofburg).