Artist Meet & Drink


Sarah Fellner, Irina Lozovaya, Polyplotte, Adelina Minnigalieva, Kim Schwanhäusser, Blanka Urbanek

The six artists establish new and often marginalized expressions in the field of body-based photography. The photographers work with 35mm to large format in different hybrid processes.
26/11/2023 | 14:00
24/11 – 29/11/2023 Sat 14 – 19:00, Mon – Wen 15 – 19:00
> Ratschkygasse 46, 1120

The six exhibiting female artists establish through their works bright new expressions in the art section of artistic body photography, which is otherwise predominately characterized by old men. In doing so, they break up encrusted structures and include socially critical aspects, reinterpret classic motifs, develop new possibilities and formal languages. They are part of the female artistic generation that creates new inclusive facts and innovates tradition.