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guided tour with Gerald Piffl and Felix Leutner [CANCELED]

In the first half of the 20th century, the Setzer-Tschiedel photo studio was one of the top places for -sophisticated photographic portraits in Vienna.
18/11/2022 | 16:30
Photoatelier Setzer-Tschiedel
> Museumstraße 5, 1070

It was considered fashionable to have one’s portrait taken in a prominent studio. The photographers Franz Xaver Setzer and Marie Karoline Tschiedel -produced about 24,000 portraits of important contemporaries in 70 years. The most famous artists from the world of theatre and opera were documented in their leading roles. All photographs were recorded in record books and sample books of the portraits were created. The portraits of these artistic, intellectual and social elites, of the (upper) middle classes and the -nobility, of writers, composers and conductors are today important documents of a time that has long since disappeared and an invaluable treasure of Viennese photographic and cultural history.