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Spirit of time

Dmytro Kupriyan

Dmytro Kupriyan was born in Kiev in 1982. Worked on topic of torture, violence in wide meaning of it. Did projects about war in Ukraine (projects »Fragments of War«, »Banality of Aggression« and »WHEN THE WAR IS OVER«). Later on he moved to the topic of dialogue in society as a reconciliation.
18/11/2023 | 18:00
18/11 – 26/11/2023 on appointment
> Linke Wienzeile 72/2/19, 1060

Times of peace and sustainable development are followed by times of change and historical upheavals, including revolutions, perestroika, war and epidemics. Then again peace times and everything goes around again.

What time exactly are we living in now? We will find out later, looking back, with a detached view of history.