Exhibition, Closing

The Inceptive Ground, texture volume 01

Jurgis Gečys

Unfortunately the Artist Talk has to be cancelled due to illness. Instead there will be a finissage.

When and where does memory end and perception begin?!
24/11/2022 | 19:00
27/10–25/11, Tue–Fri 13–18:00
Bildraum 01
> Strauchgasse 2, 1010

In his multimedia project, the artist tries to evade rational justifications by shifting away from everything he knows about a landscape, forgetting its physical properties, borders, and names. During a solo expedition by bicycle along the 70th western degree of longitude in the southern hemisphere, the artist worked through his question on how we see our environment. In his observations, Jurgis Gečys thinks about the various ways that we can use the awareness of nothingness or the potential of solitude to not only come to terms with reality, but to forge a new path that illuminates the complexity of multisensory perceptions of oneself and the environment.