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Lorenzo Castore

Lorenzo Castore (*1973) Florence, long-term photographic projects focused on personal experiences, memories and the relationship between small details, history and present.
18/11/2023 | 17:00
18/11 – 23/12/2023 Thu – Sat 15 – 19:00
Schauraum 11/nullnull
> Brotfabrik, Absberggasse 27/9.2, 1100

TIME-MAZE is a lifelong work: an autobiography in photographic form where the past is re-written and re-invented, therefore somehow revealed.

Since his beginning the Italian photographer Lorenzo Castore has photographed compulsively, for a long time almost without looking at the result of his shots. He was restless (and still he is), photographing everything to find his place, everything that mattered to him in a constant flux without a specific direction, logic or practical goal.

In 2011 a dramatic event drastically changed his life and his relation with time. There was no more time to waste. He finally started to look back at what he had been doing for so many years – but with new eyes and determination.