Wetplate Collodion [SOLD OUT]

Torsten Wieczorek

Learn about the fascinating world of wet plate collodion photography with its unique look.
25/11/2022 | 9:00 – 18:00
Photo Cluster
> Zieglergasse 34, 1070
6 person
€ 220

Learn how to make your own tintypes & ambrotypes in our studio in this one day workshop. Tintypes and Ambrotypes are what is known as a positive process and are exposed on an aluminum or glass plate using the collodion wet plate process. In 1856, it was discovered by Hamilton L. Smith, based on the dark field principle, that underexposed negatives appear as mirrored positives against a black background. 

All tintypes and ambrotypes are one of a kind. Our workshop is aimed at anyone interested in trying out this process from the 1860s, and who would like to get a taste of the world of historical photographic processes. It is divided into two parts. The first part includes a short theoretical introduction to the process and the chemistry required. The highlight is exposind and development of an ambrotype together. In the second part, participants will expose their own plates, develop them in our darkroom, and then take home their own images.

Part 1:

  • Overview of the history of wet plate collodion photography (negative & positive).
  • Introduction to the chemicals needed and their composition
  • Workflow and steps of the wet plate collodion process
  • Exposing a plate in the wet plate collodion process
  • Developing the plate in the darkroom; fixing and washing, and finally
  • Varnishing the plate with sandarac or shellac varnish.

Part 2:

  • Independent work of the participants under guidance in the wet plate collodion technique.
  • Each participant will expose and develop his own plates in 4×5 inch format.
  • The own tintypes / ambrotypes can be taken home after final varnishing

The workshop will take place with at least 2 binding registrations.