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The artists present a series of aesthetic nude photography in a natural setting between water, forest and sand.


Through the use of black and white Polaroids, the exhibition celebrates the slow and careful art of photography.

Roots & Waltz

The artist conveys moods with her painted-over, drawn-on photographs, augmented with found objects.

Dreams of Kharkiv

This series is an attempt to trace my memories and feelings, depicting a borderline state between the past and the present which is hard to accept.

Heliophilia – Extended Time

The exhibition visually reflects on analog approaches to a situational art practice, which in the process raises questions about new urban behaviors.

Der Grazer Gehfotograf

This exhibition not only offers a comprehensive insight into everyday life in Graz in the 1920s and 1930s, but also a unique cross-section of Graz society.
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Rolling Rough

On hard surfaces, loud stories are written: tales featuring unique individuals, scraped elbows, sweaty nights, and cold beer. ROLLING ROUGH is a project that provides a glimpse into the world of skateboarding. It offers a view of a sport, subculture, lifestyle, a love that connects people across all boundaries.

Outdoor exhibition

In this outdoor exhibition, we will show different artistic positions of winners from this year’s Open Call on a total of four large-scale billboards.

Group Exhibition

This group exhibition at the Masc foundation features the work of six artists.

Spirit of time

Dmytro Kupriyan was born in Kiev in 1982. Worked on topic of torture, violence in wide meaning of it. Did projects about war in Ukraine (projects »Fragments of War«, »Banality of Aggression« and »WHEN THE WAR IS OVER«). Later on he moved to the topic of dialogue in society as a reconciliation.


»The ring held out circles to you, and you jumped through them one by one, hop, hop; now it’s a square. Tomorrow??? See to it that the nag you ride does not pass under your buttocks, and your nose lies in the dirt.« [from the manifesto Vitalbau – Raumstadt – funktionelle Architektur by Friedrich Kiesler] […]


Lorenzo Castore (*1973) Florence, long-term photographic projects focused on personal experiences, memories and the relationship between small details, history and present.

The Future is present

Aleksandra Kołodziejczyk (*1982) writes, photographs, makes films, does radio work and is active in the realms of development aid policy, women’s rights and feminism.
Karl Wratschko (*1978) works as a curator, filmmaker and artist.


The six artists establish new and often marginalized expressions in the field of body-based photography. The photographers work with 35mm to large format in different hybrid processes.

Postcards to Nobody

The artist Charlie Casanova works in diverse activity in/on/behind the stages of many cultural venues.


Zuzana Pustaiová (*1990) is award winning photographer based in Bratislava, SK. She focuses on sociological-psychological orientated topics, personal stories and critisism of the state of society with humour and irony.


A discussion about the EU migration pact with Tunisia was the starting point of the exchange between the artists Belhassen Handous, Joanna Pianka, and Tomash Schoiswohl. In July 2023 Tunisia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding in which the EU has agreed, among other arrangements, to give Tunisia financial and technical support to deter Europe-bound […]

MAIN Exhibition

445 photographers from 44 countries participated in our Open Call, confirming our suspicion that analogue photography, often declared dead, is not only experiencing a revival but is reinventing itself. Artists:Rebekka Bauer, Eleonor Calvelli, Jurgis Gečys, Milan Gies, Jana Gombiková, Daniel Hill, Artem Humilevskyi, Kei Ito, Eva Kees, Lenka Lukačovičová, Auguste Marceau, Emilia Martin, Diane Meyer, […]