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burning down the house

Andrea van der Straeten’s works are representative of the changes that took hold of the medium of photography starting in the 1980s and ushered it into the art world, where it was welcomed with open arms. As part of this movement, she conceived photographs for the wall, exploded formats, presented her photographs on expansive displays […]

million years ago

Our time is characterised by human interventions in nature through which the habitability of the earth is increasingly threatened. It is necessary to rethink the role of humans as part of the system. In MILLION YEARS AGO, Maurizio Cirillo goes on a journey through the last 230 million years of our time and creates a […]

Play Date

PLAY DATE is a sensory exhibition focusing on the process of creating images through child-like play with light, texture and color, as a pathway to reconnect with our natural environment and latent creative impulses. The exhibition presents two analog photography series created through Emma Georgina’s process of meditative play – »Even Light Rests« – featuring […]


Dusha Connection Group works in different line-ups in Vienna and internationally. We represented Austria in recent years at renowned jazz festivals: Hong Kong, China, Havana, Nepal, Mexico, and many countries in Europe. Dusha Connection also works with international educational institutions, music schools and conservatories and offers regular master classes and workshops for students. In collaboration […]


The analog snapshots of ripening transience in these »cheesograms« make the traces of cheese visible on the analog photographic paper and thus reveal the developments invisible to the naked eye.

Emerging Photographers

Endometrioseprojekt © Stella Mondin

ROTLICHT promotes young talents in contemporary analog photography. In this exhibition, we highlight emerging photographers who are getting noticed by and contributing to the photography community.

With: Felix Dürler, Alexander Hold, Viyan Kalayci, Stella Mondin

Manege frei in Suite 17

Ente © Marko Zink

Marko Zink works with staged photography. He tells stories that are real only for a single moment.

Unseen Places

Inaccessible landscapes, sealed-off territories or restricted military areas: In his works, Gregor Sailer shows surreal architectures at the margins of human civilisation.


Portraits of pets were popular subjects in the early days of photography, but presented photographers with certain challenges.


The exhibition SCHAU(ein)FENSTER deals with windows as a threshold between interior and exterior spaces as well as their different functions.

In and out of F(o)cus

In and Out of Focus

This exhibition shows the results of the project In and out of Focus, two workshop series that took place in the neunerhaus Café in 2021/22.

Animal Print


Kerstin Pfleger invites us to look at animals in a different way, away from well known photographs. With her camera, the photographer takes a sensitive and poetic look at animals and nature. Her photographs portray the animals at eye level – in all their individuality and vulnerability.


Pink March / Camping © Verena Andrea Prenner

CAMPING is Verena Andrea Prenner’s sensual-intellectual-pragmatic attempt to artistically comprehend the unstableness of life in refugee camps and to make us all complicit in her socio-political investigation. [Edition Lammerhuber]

The Inceptive Ground, texture volume 01

Unfortunately the Artist Talk has to be cancelled due to illness. Instead there will be a finissage.

When and where does memory end and perception begin?!


Marko Lipuš started with his Kratzungen (SCRATCHINGS) in 1998 and continued and developed this method of intervention – physical processing on the analog negative – until 2010.

Get well soon

Belgrade RAW - Group Exhibition

Belgrade Raw is a photo collective (founded 2009) with the idea to explore layers of communities, affairs and transformations of the capital of Serbia.

how the light gets in

In her work, Sophie Pölzl uses analog photographic materials, large format films or photographic paper that she exposes without a camera over longer periods of time.


MYPH Mykolaiv Young Photography

Rotlicht-Festival presents MYPH, a project dedicated to the conceptual art-photography school established by Sergey Melnitchenko in Mykolaiv, 2018.

Photographers: Artem Humilevskiy, Olia Koval, Diana Fedoriaka, Veronika, Mol, Kris Voitkiv

Back to Black

Back to Black

International group exhibition, participating artists: Balázs Deim, Alessandra D’Intino, Jošt Dolinšek, Lena Feitl, Elí Joteva, Reiner Riedler, Peter Koštrun, Roberto Kusterle, Borut Peterlin, Eva Petrič, Herman Pivk