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Carbon Printing

two hands holding a analog carbin print depicting a nature scene

This workshop will be a beginner’s level into the carbon printing process from a film negative.

Can Pinhole – Awfullorgramme

picture from inside a mouth showing teeth and a portrait of a young baby

In this two hour workshop you will cover three different approaches to pinhole photography including learning how to take a unique ‘awfullogramme’ portrait.

Japanese Photo-Book Binding

A collection of photo booklets in japanese binding technique

During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to create your very own personal Japanese photo book in A4 format

RA-4 Color Printing Process

A picture of color photographs from a analog chemical printing process

Beginners will be able to start printing on their own after a few hours while experienced printers will benefit from our advanced techniques repertoire.

REMIX total : Analog and digital

a "remixed" picture combining analog and digital picture editing processes resulting in digital art

English How can digital and analog be combined? In this workshop, we’ll dare to experiment. We make contact prints from our smartphones and tablets. The screen exposes the photo paper, the chemicals make the artwork appear. We create a selection of digital images, choose suitable subjects and adapt them for our project. In the darkroom, […]

One box, one hole, one camera!

black and white pinhole style picture showing a mural depicting two faces.

This is a workshop where photography knowledge is not required, but lot’s of creativity, imagination, and a will to experiment.

Coating your own photo paper

Create your own liquid emulsions for black and white printing
Handmade silver gelatin is essentially a brand new old process.


Our workshop is for beginners. After a quick introduction and historic overview, you will learn how to prepare the needed chemicals and print your negatives.


Cyanotype is an 1842 photographic printing process discovered by John Herschel that produces a cyan blue image, also known as Prussian blue.

Albumen Print

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn about the entire process of album printing and explore its application to your own artistic endeavors.

Split Grade Printing

„Split-Grade Printing” is a darkroom technique of exposing variable contrast black and white paper using two exposures instead of a single one.

Mordançage Prozess

Our one-day workshop is designed for people who want to explore new methods of manipulating prints in the art and will take you from a quick overview about the chemicals used, to prints best suited for this technique to your own way of experimenting with this process.

Salt Print

In this practical workshop participants will go through the whole process of cyanotype and salt print and will explore its application in their own artistic activity.

Van Dyke Brown / Argyrotype

Arndt & Troos developed the Van Dyke Brown process in 1889. This late 19th Century process is similar to Cyanotype as an iron-based printing out process.

Lumen Printing

Lumen print or luminogram is a simple way to make an image using the sun usually made with an artistic purpose, created by exposure of photosensitive materials to light without the intervention of an object.

Albumen Print

In this hands-on workshop, participants will learn about the entire process of album printing and explore its application to your own artistic endeavors.

Grossformatkamera Grundlagen

Großformat Workshop - Timtom

Im Workshop mit Timotheus Tomicek und Peter M. Mayr erarbeiten wir uns Schritt für Schritt das praktische Arbeiten an der Großformat Fachkamera.