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Balázs Deim

Passing Time

Is it possible to visualise the passing of time, to connect our own subjective temporal perception with -objective units of time? One’s personal, inner sense of time is abstract from the outside world and its pace and dynamic depend solely on one’s experiences, the events one lives through. By contrast, objective time can be measured in exact units. Can these two time planes be synchronised? 

It takes seven units of time (year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and second) as its starting point, and looks for possibilities of visual representation that are closely related to both the particular period and the other pieces in the series. Each photograph was exposed as long as the corresponding period: the one about the year had an exposure time of one year, and the one about the second, one second. 

About the artist:
Balázs Deim (b. 1987) represents a younger generation of Hungarian photographers. In his work, he focuses on the relationship between people, objects and the (urban) environment. He predominantly explores concepts such as absence, time, memory, control and truth in photography.

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