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Sašo Aluševski


It all started as a funny experiment and ended up as a Jungian dream. These photographs are made using the wet plate collodion process, inspired by Ivana Kocevska’s brilliant choreography and performance – Metamorphosis. We worked in collaboration for almost two years, mostly failing to tame the wild nature of the collodion while simultaneously attempting to tune into its subtle nature. The texts that go with the images have the sole purpose to confuse the stubborn reader and nothing else. They try to camouflage themselves as some kind of a free verses, but they are not. They are just scraps of old worn out dreams, stolen allusions from other poets, weak metaphors, used, reused and then recycled second hand memories, written in one night, while listening to Astor Piazzolla’s music, by a certain Sašo N. Aluševski, and we do not know a poet by that name. Please do not fall for that cheap trick.

About the artist:
Lives in Skopje. Macedonia. He is interested in the forms of expression themselves. Total melancholic. Or sanguinic? Depends on the moment you make your first impression. Sagittarius. His temper navigates by the moon. Sometimes he does take pictures. In love with the black art – the wet plate collodion process, and other analog, alternative processes. He says he is still a better cook than photographer. He is more charming and sounds smarter when he writes than when he talks.

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