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Jana Dillo


In 2020, I started the series Polagrams (Polagramme) which combines the discontinued instant Peel-Apart-Film (Fuji FP100c) with the cameraless technique of photograms. The Polagrams show abstract geometric shapes in various colours, created in the darkroom using enlargers, coloured light, and stencils. The controlled randomness of the »blind« technique plays an important role in my images and does not allow for their reconstruction.

The excitement in these works lies in my interest being pushed away from the representation of reality. I don’t look at the world through a viewfinder, but I create a visuality beyond, which is closely connected to the material and the way of pracically using it.

about the artist:

Born 1992 in Gengenbach i.K. She lives and studies in Essen (Germany). She graduated from a vocational college for photo and media technology and passed a final examination as a photographer in architecture photography. After several years of assistantships, she has now been studying photography at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen since 2018. 

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