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Florence Iff

Amalgamated Fragmentations Technosphere

In my search to find traces of the Anthropocene, I created layered images using the cyanotype process. Vintage lithographic prints of earliest known micro-organisms, algae, ferns, lichen and other plants, human cells, tissue and organs as well as pages from school atlases are the image carrier for the further procedure.

The second layers are transparencies of printed circuit boards, hardware devices and novel bacteria living in plastic. These symbolise the technical imprint on nature, the so-called Technosphere. The combination stands for the human-generated chemical and technical creation, alteration, interaction and destruction of the biosphere.

About the artist:
First self-taught I developed with time and education as an artist a creative way of working with photography as a medium, exploring what is possible and where the limits are. Since many years I work on the subjects of the Anthropocene and climate change and I am also an educator in the fields of art and environmental issues.

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