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Mara Novak

One to one goes one to ten

This exhibition concludes a process that began in spring 2018 with the show »one to ten goes one to one« in the Gotische Halle in Graz. It is characteristic of Mara Novak’s work that she often develops and presents her photographs with and in concrete spaces, as an on-site material practice. This brings the images into a concrete context from which they cannot be arbitrarily removed and which cannot be simply changed at will. For this reason, she has taken some of the works and »reframed« them – both conceptually and materially. The photographs are direct exposures made in a camera obscura room model which through the display frame become »Revisions«.

About the artist:
Mara Novak is an artist based in Vienna. After finishing an education in sculpture and a Master’s degree in Transdisciplinary Art at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Mara Novak developed her own specific way of dealing with the medium of photography. In many of her work series the constructed reality of the medium becomes the content of the work itself.

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