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Kollektiv OAG

Intuition needs trust

Intuition needs trust. Trust that something is already there. Otherwise, it would not be possible to draw from it. 

These photographs were chosen intuitively, from our archives of ideas. They are fragments, memories, records. They become a deliberate side by side on a wall. It’s a choice to belong! 

We are alike. Our existence is intertwined. We photograph what surrounds us and our similarities are mutual. The authorship dissolves. Relationships of images, approximations through colour and form. To good neigbourhood!

When I see others in my photographs. When others see me in theirs.

4 photographers,
60 analog photographs 

About the artists:
We met years ago, still or again live in the same city (Graz) and neigbourhoods (photography). Now we started working together. That was more an accident than a plan. A happy accident that very intuitively led to this wall of photographs. Our backgrounds are in ethnology, electricity, visual arts, literature, drinking coffee and sharing a studio. 

Kollektiv OAG are: Julia Lacina, Lena Prehal, Katharina Sieghartsleitner, Harald Wawrzyniak 

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