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Giles W. Bennett

Through Space and Time (a journey closer together)

Through Space and Time (a journey closer together) grew from the confinement of a small garden in West Wales during the first lockdown. Combining my fascination with capturing movement and a love of making mechanical devices, I started building a series of photographic contraptions to capture the movement of The Earth as we travelled through space and time. Most of the images are made from contraptions built using a solar panel directly wired into a low geared motor via a speed controller, meaning, the brighter the sun shines the faster the motor turns, slowing down as clouds pass. 

A journey closer together refers to the unexpected feeling of connection I felt with everybody else locked-down across the globe while I was sitting in the garden looking up at the same sun passing overhead.

About the artist:
I am an experimental photographer who also works with moving image and installation art. My inspiration is drawn from movement, texture and light and the need to explore and understand the world around me. My neurological disabilities mean my approach is an autodidactic one, constantly pushing ideas and techniques to create my work.

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