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Dominik Geiger

The Valley of the Forgotten is an exploration of a densely forested region in West-Ukraine in-which an Austrian community has settled down for more than 250 years ago. An honest, yet dreamy portrayal of people and landscapes whose existence was forgotten for the past hundred years. Lumberjacks and their families from the Trauntal valley set […]

Giles W. Bennett

Through Space and Time (a journey closer together) grew from the confinement of a small garden in West Wales during the first lockdown. Combining my fascination with capturing movement and a love of making mechanical devices, I started building a series of photographic contraptions to capture the movement of The Earth as we travelled through […]

Balázs Deim

Is it possible to visualise the passing of time, to connect our own subjective temporal perception with -objective units of time? One’s personal, inner sense of time is abstract from the outside world and its pace and dynamic depend solely on one’s experiences, the events one lives through. By contrast, objective time can be measured […]

Loïc Laforge

Twelve years of conjugal life in terror for her and her children. My mother finds a loophole, translating distress and despair. Christmas 1996. Divorce.  In the midst of interrogations, separations and prohibitions, negatives stay in a drawer. My mother wants them, my father refuses, my sister steals them. I scan all those negatives years later.  […]

Florence Iff

In my search to find traces of the Anthropocene, I created layered images using the cyanotype process. Vintage lithographic prints of earliest known micro-organisms, algae, ferns, lichen and other plants, human cells, tissue and organs as well as pages from school atlases are the image carrier for the further procedure. The second layers are transparencies […]

Peter Walde

A self-made back was attached to a medium format camera. The back is a wooden box that only opens 1 mm. Inside, the film, powered by a motor, is pulled from right to left. The light passes through the gap onto the film material. This continuous movement of the film causes the subject to be lengthened. […]

Thomas Bachler

I came up with the idea of taking the expression to shoot a photograph literally as early as 1992. It was at La Casa Encendida (Madrid, 2011), where I shot around three hundred portraits, this was my first PHOTOSHOOTING performance. For me it meant playing three hundred times with the idea of dying in a […]

Thomas Steineder

blank canvas is a process-oriented work which combines a sculptural setup with a painterly gesture on an analog negative. In the process of realisation, this planned coincidence is celebrated. The work tries to question the essence of the images, in reference to a real and imagined pictorial space, which merge into each other. Both parts […]

Sašo Aluševski

It all started as a funny experiment and ended up as a Jungian dream. These photographs are made using the wet plate collodion process, inspired by Ivana Kocevska’s brilliant choreography and performance – Metamorphosis. We worked in collaboration for almost two years, mostly failing to tame the wild nature of the collodion while simultaneously attempting […]

Aindreas Scholz

Contrary to the common belief that marine plastics form vast garbage vortexes (gyres) in the middle of the ocean, research has shown that 99 % of plastics go »missing«. This is the result of plastics breaking down into nanoplastics, which are absorbed by marine animals and then enters our food chain. Many scientists believe that we […]

Bruna Valença

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I began a series using self portrait as a tool to investigate my mental state. I was diagnosed with PTSD and started recording my days on Polaroids through Emulsion Lifts. I had the impetus to transform the image with my own hands. If I don’t like an idea, […]

Mara Novak

This exhibition concludes a process that began in spring 2018 with the show »one to ten goes one to one« in the Gotische Halle in Graz. It is characteristic of Mara Novak’s work that she often develops and presents her photographs with and in concrete spaces, as an on-site material practice. This brings the images […]

Michaela Nagyidaiová

By the Creek, Opposite of a Meadow (2020) focuses on the Slovak environment and family memories. The work revolves around childhood memories that serve as a link between my parents’ and my own recollections of youth. I explored the historical and political climate of Slovakia, and my family’s transgenerational bond to the country through our contrasting […]

Katia Motyleva

This project is a personal story about the war in Ukraine, the life of a woman and her family in the midst of hostilities. Events that began in 2014 with the occupation of Donbas escalated into a full-scale war and continue to deteriorate, causing one loss after another. In the midst of the unfolding drama, […]

Nicole & Claus-Peter Malek

Contrasting images in harmony Two artists | One project. Yin Yang | Together for themselves. These are two states that condition and exclude each other. Something that is at rest cannot be in motion at the same time. However, in the ideal case, rest and movement are alternating. Dance lives from movement just as much […]

Ema Lančaričová

In the project Aperture, the author reflects on the very essence of photography. She limits her artistic research to working with only the elemental variables that creates photography – light, time, light-sensitive material and apparatus. A series of Polaroid photographs capture an elementary object of the camera – a lens. Light is both a starting point, […]

Kollektiv OAG

Intuition needs trust. Trust that something is already there. Otherwise, it would not be possible to draw from it.  These photographs were chosen intuitively, from our archives of ideas. They are fragments, memories, records. They become a deliberate side by side on a wall. It’s a choice to belong!  We are alike. Our existence is […]

Jana Dillo

In 2020, I started the series Polagrams (Polagramme) which combines the discontinued instant Peel-Apart-Film (Fuji FP100c) with the cameraless technique of photograms. The Polagrams show abstract geometric shapes in various colours, created in the darkroom using enlargers, coloured light, and stencils. The controlled randomness of the »blind« technique plays an important role in my images […]

Federica Armstrong

The Dowry explores my family’s photo archive. it’s an examination of memories, family connections and the role we hold as witness to our past. In Italy, the tradition of the dowry refers to the practice of giving daughters linen and other household textiles when they get married. In the project The Dowry, images of my […]

Jenni Haili

Songs of Wit and Wisdom draws its subject matter from the mythologies of various people. The afterlife has its own topography, the gods live in the mountains, the elves in the forest or in the water. In fact, all the major mythical events and actors are localised in nature. One general meaning of myth is […]