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Eleonora Calvelli

Making love to G. is gonna be like the first time I tried a cheeseburger

Making love to G. is a long-term project which aims to analyze the relationship between the reality TV show genre and intimacy, voyeurism, violence. It is fascinating to note how the term »Zeitgeist« is evidently reflected in the realm of mass culture, the culture industry and even reality television shows. These TV programs, with their content and formats, often reflect and adapt to the tastes and preferences of the audience in a given historical moment in which the obsession with stardom and the quest for instant gratification are central themes. An analysis of how reality shows have evolved over the course of time can provide us with invaluable insight into how society and culture have transformed, and how television itself has adapted to changing collective trends and values.

about the artist
Eleonora Calvelli born in Italy (1970). Lives and works in Rome. Documentary and conceptual photographer focusing on social and cultural issues. In 2023 she self-published her second book with the title »Making love to G. is gonna be like the first time I tried a Cheeseburger.«

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