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Lenka Lukacovicova

Lonely Planet Trnavka

Neither village nor city. Until recently, Bratislava’s Trnávka had the reputation of a wild periphery and an uncontrolled island that fiercely resisted all kinds of external influences. However, the relentless urbanization, gentrification of the city is beginning to dynamically change the original historical character marked by poverty. It is getting denser. Housing, multifunctional, sports, production and sales complexes are increasing. Some houses are to be sold, others reconstructed, parcels to be devided. Lenka therefore systematically maps these visual changes and records the distinctive identity of this unique part. She is looking for the best angles for the paradoxes of the seemingly autonomous life of the public space there, which conveys to us a sense of transitoriness and of unguided transition.

about the artist
L. Lukačovičová completed her studies in Bratislava, Slovakia where she currently works. In her practice, she subsequently creates objects of mixed media, but also processual works, which have their roots mainly in analogue photography.

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