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Jana Gombiková


»When I was growing up, mental health was not a topic. When you said you didn’t feel well, they told you to play sports or dig potatoes.«

»Depression is a very selfish feeling. You focus only on yourself. You don’t want anything, nothing makes sense to you. It’s not like you don’t care, you just don’t have the strength to do anything.«

»Alcohol gave me relief, but also terrible humiliation and mental pain. You think you can heal your soul with wine, but you can’t.«

»I have no reason to be ashamed of it. If it started to be better understood that the world is not a black and white place, there would be a lot less condemnation and hatred. Understanding is simply a scarce commodity.«

Disorder is a series of portraits of people with mental disorders, accompanied by interviews.

about the artist
Jana Gombiková (b. 1984, Trenčín, Slovakia) is a freelance photographer and writer. In her work she focuses on the topics of individual and collective memory, identity and subjective experience. Often combines photography, text and video.

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