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Milan Gies


The series Composition (2022) shows a realistic view of the human body. In his approach, Milan focuses on the traces that life leaves behind; to what extent can you see traumatic experiences reflected in the way someone looks or moves? An autobiographical element is always present in his work; he looks for a convergence of his own experiences with human vulnerability and those of the people he works with. Symbolically, the often falling and struggling poses contain universal themes such as pain and survival. At a time when »success« and productivity seem to be the highest achievable goals, people who don’t live up to this ideal are often ignored or excluded. For this project, he has built up a long-term relationship with homeless men in and around Amsterdam, whom he photographed in his studio. However, his focus is not on their individual histories, but on their ability to survive, their resilience, and their common humanity. 

about the artist
Milan Gies’ work consists mainly of portrait studies and sculptural studies. He is fascinated by ‘the narrative body’, the way experiences, pain and complexity leave their marks. An autobiographical element is always present in his work.

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