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Emilia Martin

the blue of the far distance

I looked up towards the stars ever since I remember.

I am not an astronomer – while I can barely name a few constellations and I confuse satellites for the celestial bodies, stargazing brought me comfort whenever life felt too narrow and patriarchal systems I inhabited felt too oppressive.

The view of the clear night sky is the same as the view of the sky that our ancestors and their ancestors saw, and it was so powerful that the entire religions and belief systems were based on it, the stories of where we came from and where we will go.

What do starless, polluted night skies say about a human relationship with the concept of connectedness, interdependencies, and the relationship with our ancestors?

about the artist
Emilia Martin (1991 PL, based in the Hague NL) is an artist passionate about storytelling and myths, primarily working with media of photography, sound and writing. Emilia’s work explores the power of speculation and reimagining.

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