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Kate Schultze

mind the gap, luv.

Mind the gap, luv. explores the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, focusing on regions like Yorkshire and the West Midlands where the Brexit vote was strongest, with significant long-term implications. I am curious about this decision’s effects, especially after discovering that many of my friends voted to leave the EU without a clear rationale. The series examines Brexit’s impact, capturing the prevailing Zeitgeist and exploring the relationship between »Britishness« as a cultural identity and the desire for independence from the EU, particularly among working-class adolescents. As an outsider and insider, my unique perspective shapes the project, aiming to gain insights into the Brexit vote’s reasons and potential effects on the UK’s future.

about the artist
Kate Schultze (1998), a documentary photographer based between Berlin and Leeds, captures the everydayness of being European. Using large and medium format, she explores social challenges in areas with economic depression and alienation.

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