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Eva Kees

Coney Island »SLIDES«

The process of using slides in various photographic series is based on the reality of the analogue process of photography itself. There are negatives, briefly they’re »a piece of translucent lucid support material«, as the negative of the positive film. A series of multi-layered images is developed. A reversible process of digital photography is transported on slides and photographed on a light box to convey the process of the photographic work to the viewer through the illuminated images and slides.

The complexity of the population and their ofen very diverse topics, as well as the racial conflicts are subtly indicated to the viewer in this way. There is a transparent scope for self-interpretation and the possibility of discovering and interpreting the narrated story with sensitivity.

about the artist
Eva Kees studied artistic photography and lives and works in Vienna. Based on the medium of photography, performative series, luminous objects as well as conceptual and abstract installations are created.

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