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Kei Ito

Zen for a Dying Planet

Zen for a Dying Planet is a series of unique chemigrams made with honey and various oils. My grandfather was a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima – an event where numerous survivors recorded that they treated their burns with honey, cooking oil, and even motor oil. This trauma extended not only the human bodies of the survivors but into the very land itself. Today, nuclear and environmental disasters are just around the corner. 

Zen for a Dying Planet is the artist’s contemplation of our current trajectory which acts as a warning to us all.

about the artist
Kei Ito is a Japanese photographic artist based in America who is working primarily with cameraless photography. Ito’s work can be found in the collections of MoCP Chicago, the Norton Museum of Art, and the Eskenazi Museum of Art and many more.

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