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Daniel Hill

A Series of Confinement

In this work, I interrogate the often conflicting desires to both belong to and break free from social categories or labels. Through a series of sequential self-portraits stitched together into video animations, I examine the tensions between corporeal boundaries and the boundaries of societal norms from a queer-feminist position, often with heavy references to the Feminist Art Movements. The animations, based on analog photography, are projected onto a square object with smaller compartments. Each animation tells its own story while interacting with one another within & without the object’s compartments. The lines and spaces within the object reveal the power dynamics between the individual and environmental and social constraints.

about the artist
Born in the U.S. (*1980), I studied photography at the Friedl Kubelka School for Artistic Photography. My work focuses on identity, gender, sexuality and interpersonal connectivity from a queer-feminist position.

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