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Jurgis Gečys

unexposed / unbelichtet

Unexposed is a photographic installation consisting of 4×5-inch glass plate negatives that are more than 40 years old. Unpacked for the first time, the glass plates are mounted on individual metal stands and arranged irregularly in the exhibition space.

I acquired the negatives from a man who received them as his mother’s inheritance. Although still functional, I hesitated to use them for years, perhaps out of fear or respect for all those unrealized memories that had not been captured. Over time, as I contemplated these objects, they became a gateway to my own memories and the imaginary emotions I longed for – a negative in my mind, that keeps being exposed, yet remains empty.

The glass plates display a rich palette of red, orange, and yellow tones, a result of the interplay between photographic emulsions and light. However, this condition is ephemeral: as within days, the glass plates will lose their vibrant colors and fade away to an unknown state of appearance.

about the artist
Jurgis Gečys is a distinguished architect and multimedia artist who focuses on Hand drawings, analog photography and sculptures. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and the Friedl Kubelka School.

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