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Yiming Zhu


I am interested in the Oriental spiritual world, especially the belief in gods that spring up in the long rivers of history. It comes from the thinking about the puzzle of an idea of natural order, and our life experience. The beliefs I explore are related to elucidating life’s problems and creating our sense of our identity. After living in London, I am always curious about but also lost in new surroundings. An inner voice drives me to find my spiritual connection between two cultural backgrounds.     NEWLINEThe spiritual world is connected to culture, politics, personal lives and conditions, and histories. In my research I was intrigued that the same symbol often appeared and reappeared across different cultures. It seems we share some meanings and beliefs with each other.

about the artist
Yiming Zhu is an artist based in London and Guangzhou. Her practice combines installation and moving images on the basis of photography. Her work starts from reality and focuses on the relationship between consciousness and human behavior.

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