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Nik Erik Neubauer

This project is a tribute to the city of Bari and other places of South Italy, where I spent intense and unforgettable time. It is a tribute to my friends, strangers who became my friends, and strangers who remained strangers, but let me had a glimpse of their life. This is also a tribute to […]

Daniel Hill

In this work, I interrogate the often conflicting desires to both belong to and break free from social categories or labels. Through a series of sequential self-portraits stitched together into video animations, I examine the tensions between corporeal boundaries and the boundaries of societal norms from a queer-feminist position, often with heavy references to the […]

Lenka Lukacovicova

Neither village nor city. Until recently, Bratislava’s Trnávka had the reputation of a wild periphery and an uncontrolled island that fiercely resisted all kinds of external influences. However, the relentless urbanization, gentrification of the city is beginning to dynamically change the original historical character marked by poverty. It is getting denser. Housing, multifunctional, sports, production and […]

Kate Schultze

Mind the gap, luv. explores the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, focusing on regions like Yorkshire and the West Midlands where the Brexit vote was strongest, with significant long-term implications. I am curious about this decision’s effects, especially after discovering that many of my friends voted to leave the EU without a clear rationale. The series […]

Rebekka Bauer

Die Aufstellung addresses the transmission of World War II traumas in my family’s home. The starting point is an archive of 500 metal objects that my grandfather, a former Wehrmacht soldier, made over several decades in the basement of our shared home. The objects become carriers of trauma in the routine of craftsmanship. To show […]

Artem Humilevskyi

The project is based on my real stories and archival analog photos that I scanned and used for digital collage. This project is about a cross-section of time in the South of Ukraine in the Soviet and post-Soviet period, about me and my family. At that time in our society there were thousands of such […]

Peter Pflügler

When I was two years old, my father went into the woods with the intention of never coming back. For almost 20 years, my parents chose silence about his suicidal attempt. And still, I found myself drawn to the place where the incident happened and on its anniversary a wave of grief washed over me. […]

Birte Zellentin & Patrik Budenz

Who exercises power? How can one person shape the politics of an entire nation? And what do its rulers reveal about a country? For many Germans, the parliamentary elections of 2021 marked a new era. The peaceful transition of power was taken for granted. The narrative of how power is wielded and transferred differs for […]

Yiming Zhu

I am interested in the Oriental spiritual world, especially the belief in gods that spring up in the long rivers of history. It comes from the thinking about the puzzle of an idea of natural order, and our life experience. The beliefs I explore are related to elucidating life’s problems and creating our sense of our identity. After living in London, I am […]

Milan Gies

The series Composition (2022) shows a realistic view of the human body. In his approach, Milan focuses on the traces that life leaves behind; to what extent can you see traumatic experiences reflected in the way someone looks or moves? An autobiographical element is always present in his work; he looks for a convergence of his […]

Mara Novak

The work series mukbang, my dear builds on bizarre fascination with the Korean phenomenon of mukbang videos. Novak has transformed her special love-hate relationship with the visual form of videos and ASMR sounds that get right under the skin, into an exhibition setting where she connects deliberately appropriated material with her own archive. In collages, […]

Emilia Martin

I looked up towards the stars ever since I remember. I am not an astronomer – while I can barely name a few constellations and I confuse satellites for the celestial bodies, stargazing brought me comfort whenever life felt too narrow and patriarchal systems I inhabited felt too oppressive. The view of the clear night sky […]

Zuzana Pustaiová

The project Interlude is examining the current status of the allocation from the biological family and the formation of the new family. It is located somewhere on between social expectations, current emotional -survival and the search for life direction. I construct tension, uncertainty caused by the ambient pressure in their daily survival through staged self-portraits […]

Eva Kees

The process of using slides in various photographic series is based on the reality of the analogue process of photography itself. There are negatives, briefly they’re »a piece of translucent lucid support material«, as the negative of the positive film. A series of multi-layered images is developed. A reversible process of digital photography is transported […]

Jana Gombiková

»When I was growing up, mental health was not a topic. When you said you didn’t feel well, they told you to play sports or dig potatoes.« »Depression is a very selfish feeling. You focus only on yourself. You don’t want anything, nothing makes sense to you. It’s not like you don’t care, you just […]

Kei Ito

Zen for a Dying Planet is a series of unique chemigrams made with honey and various oils. My grandfather was a survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima – an event where numerous survivors recorded that they treated their burns with honey, cooking oil, and even motor oil. This trauma extended not only the human […]

Jurgis Gečys

Unexposed is a photographic installation consisting of 4×5-inch glass plate negatives that are more than 40 years old. Unpacked for the first time, the glass plates are mounted on individual metal stands and arranged irregularly in the exhibition space. I acquired the negatives from a man who received them as his mother’s inheritance. Although still […]

Diane Meyer

I have been working on an on-going series of hand-embroidered photographs based on found elementary school class pictures from the 1970s. The class photos are from big cities and small towns throughout the United States but, despite their varied locations, the poses of children and teachers, classroom decorations, and clothing are strikingly similar providing a glimpse […]

Auguste Marceau

About today is a group of nine works, which have been compiled from pictures collected over the past year throughout Europe. The series of classical analog street photographs gives the chance to objectively witness the state of the actual world and the sequence enables it to be read as a clip of its today’s condition.  Each picture […]

Eleonora Calvelli

Making love to G. is a long-term project which aims to analyze the relationship between the reality TV show genre and intimacy, voyeurism, violence. It is fascinating to note how the term »Zeitgeist« is evidently reflected in the realm of mass culture, the culture industry and even reality television shows. These TV programs, with their […]